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Google’s +1 – How does it affect SEO?

May 18, 2011

Hi Guys

As you know its been a while since I last did a proper blog post on this site, and I want to apologise for me being quiet for such a long time… :)

To kick off the new year I would like to start by blogging about Google’s new +1 button, which is supposed to compete against Facebook’s Like button.  For those of you who are still unaware about Google’s new social venture, feel free to read this article on Search Engine Land.

Obviously, this is going to have tons of reprecussions for SEO as we all know that Google or should I say search on a whole is becoming more social.  Just recently, Bing launched new Facebook Like button functionality in their SERPs.

So how does this affect us???

The Google +1 Experiment

I managed to join the new Google +1 Experiment and did a tiny experiment. I took a page I knew was struggling in rankings for the keyword “africa vacations”, etc. and +1’ed it. That was on Friday (we all know search engine bots crawl over the weekend)

Today I had a look in analytics and this is what I saw:

Search traffic for the keyword “african vacations” improved dramatically. This meant that my rankings for this term had improved as well, and sure enough I found myself ranking at #7 for the term “african vacations” on

The Results:

  • A page that has been +1’ed in Google will improve in rankings, but:
    • The keyword you want to improve rankings for must appear first in your page title.
    • The page must have lots of good backlinks pointing to it with the targeted keyword in the anchor text.
    • The profile that +1’s the page must have good social rank

With regards to Social Rank, Google +1 uses Twitter and Gtalk contacts as a network. So this means if you have lots of followers in Twitter, etc. You will tend to have a higher Social Rank and therefore have a larger amount of influence when it comes to getting your rankings up by using Google’s +1.

In conclusion, it is still early days and Google might be making some changes to the way its going to rank pages using social statistics within its algorithm, although I hope this blog post gets some other SEO’s out there thinking about this.

Do you guys think that Bing’s SERPs will change due to the Facebook Likes integration?


Ozami Internet directory, a one of the few quality ones available

June 25, 2010

Most webmasters out there are getting a lot of their traffic from search engines, however UK web directory era is not gone yet. Although there is a plethora of directories that offer free and instant approval for submissions, the quality of those very directories is very low, hence the low traffic received from its and almos no SEO value.

Ozami web directory was launched as being a « clean » resource for people to search and actually find decent information and for business owners and webmasters to take full benefit from a high quality directory. Although anyone is free to submit a website to Ozami, that does not guarantee an approval while any site must meet some standard and strict criteria of editors, being a human edited directory. Actually, this is one of the few directories created manually, with html coded pages for that the sites listed there benefit most from the back link they put in this directory.

Inclusion in this directory is not for free, but it also has a money-back guarantee if the website does not get the approval. The only fee someone has to pay for inclusion in Ozami directory is £30. Along with listing a website in a high-quality directory, visitors can also enjoy the articles from the Ozami UK guide section or Ozami blog, so that they combine work with entertainment when surfing through this directory.

The difference between Ozami and other directories is that the first one will not accept any website to be listed only for financial gains while most Internet directories are making bulk approvals for pockets to grow, and that is what makes a quality web directory to stand and present itself as a guest for top of the web sites.

UK webmaster forum by Webmaster Serve

June 25, 2010

Whenever a person or even a small business is looking for information regarding creating a new website or promoting its products/services online, UK webmasters forums prove to serve best this need for knowledge. These forums feature lots of information for beginners and advanced folks to create, promote and success in an online business. One of the forums focused on UK webmasters’issues is Webmaster Serve.

This forum was first launched in 2004 and hit the online environment as a community created for webmasters to share personal thoughts and suggestions on different tools used for promotion and search engine optimisation and a webmaster marketplace where they can sell tools. Since then, the Webmaster Serve has steadily grown and it became a great place for beginners to learn about webmastering and for advance folks to find appropriate materials that could help them in acquiring more skills.

More than that, Webmaster Serve has created a place for the seo guys to share and learn new tricks on how to promote best their online businesses, the UK SEO forum area. Even though in this area anyone is welcomed, UK webmasters will have more benefits from visiting it while it focuses more on UK market.

Along with being a search engine optimisation and marketing focused forum, Webmaster Serve is also a great place for information and news about web hosting industry, some of the members even running businesses in this field. Any offers and discounts related to web hosting can be found on this forum, being kept up to date by the guys that are part of this community. And with the offers from the web hosting area of this forum also come very useful threads like how to choose a web hosting company, what to look out for when searching for a web hosting plan and so on.

This forum has it all, but the search engine optimisation area is great for website owners to learn how to promote their businesses and services in search engines, and all this is possible thanks to that great community that has grown around the UK webmaster forum – Webmaster Serve.

Temi’s UK Webmaster Blog

June 25, 2010

One of the best ways to find information online is to read the right blog apart from searching online. If you are looking for UK related webmaster information you need to visit Temi’s UK Webmaster SEO forum blog . It is update several times each week, it is packed full of tip and tools that is guaranteed to help you move your website forward.

The web hosting section of Temi’s blog is quite exciting. It compared web hosting, domain name registration and other web hosting tips including hosting comparison section which helps you make up your mind about which web hosting company to use for hosting your website.

There is a technology section which looks into technology from basic telephony to VoIP tools such as the popular Skype and other instant messaging too. They are not only a great way to communicate with your friend but and exciting and cheap way to engage with your website visitor.

The web directory section of Temi’s blog give you information about web directory, from how to start your own web directory to some of the best web directories to submit your website to. Temi also have a contact page from where visitors can contact him and find out information about any of the topics he covers at his website.

If you are looking to set up a website, find information on how to move a flagging website forward or looking for webmaster information in general, Temi’s webmaster blog should be your first port of call. You can also suggest you website to the directory section of Temi’s website.

You can also leave feedback about any article you read on the blog using the built in feedback widget built into each of the post featured on Temi’s Uk webmaster blog.

Project Management for SEO

May 4, 2010

I have been in SEO now since 2006 but few know that I actually became an SEOer by accident (although that’s another very long story). I actually have a Bachelor’s degree with my major being in IT project management, so I thought to myself that I should do a cool post on how we could use project management methodologies in SEO in order to correctly manage our search marketing campaigns…

There are 3 main constraints on any project, i.e. Time, Scope and Budget. Successfully completed projects are completed in time, within scope and within budget constraints. So how does this apply to SEO?

project contraints

Well when you are an SEO team working in remote offices you need to co-ordinate your efforts in order to get the best results. This means sticking to budget and time constraints for certain milestones, as well as remaining within the scope of the project, i.e. the SEO strategy/plan.

Here are some links to cool online project management software:

  • BaseCamp – A premier project collaboration service that many top companies utilize. Features include the ability to create and manage projects, private or public to-do lists, milestones, messaging, upload and share files, time tracking, notifications, time reporting, assign administration rights to people, admin rights for projects, admin rights for to-do lists, RSS, whiteboards, chat, calendars, assign milestones, design templates, activity stream, corporate branding, assign deadlines, commenting, drag and drop interface, and message boards.
  • 5pm – Includes projects/tasks tree, Gantt charts, deadline assignments, groups, private projects/tasks, notifications, client login, project and task sorting, file uploads and attachments, time tracking, time reports, RSS, corporate branding, iCal integration, email integration, 256-bit SSL data encryption, contacts import tool, API, drag-and-drop functionality, auto-archiving, reminders, and the ability to import data from Basecamp.

In order to properly manage and SEO campaign, you need to first outline your SEO strategy with objectives and goals. Goals need to be SMART, i.e. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timed, which means that each section of your SEO strategy would then have time and scope and budget.

Using project management methodologies would ensure that you stay on-track with your SEO strategy and that you meet your objectives.


5 Elements of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

February 16, 2010

It’s a new year and many people (especially in South Africa) are gearing up for the soccer world cup.  I cannot explain how much we are being bombarded in the media with soccer-related promotions and advertisements. However, even though I have seen this soccer-mania hit newspapers, radio, billboards and newspapers, I have not seen much of an effort made to market the world cup online…

This made me think that maybe, our world cup organizers don’t know about how to set out a successful digital marketing strategy, which is why I have decided to put in my 5 cents and layout what I believe needs to be part of a successful digital marketing strategy:

  1. Extensive Keyword Research – You need to know what keywords receive the larger amount of searches. Choosing the best keywords to target gives you a better chance of getting increased visits to your site. There are many keyword tools out there that allow you to get an idea of which keywords are popular, as well as trends and user interest. You can use the following tools (to name a few):

    You are more likely to have success from long-tail keywords than from your primary list of chosen keywords, as more specific keyword-phrases lead to higher conversion rates.

    Long Tail Search

  2. Quality Content -The importance of having quality content on your site cannot be stressed enough. Not only does quality content make your website more “sticky”, it also attracts natural backlinks that will help with your SEO. Make sure that your spelling and grammar is perfect and that the tone reflects the personality of the company.
  3. Site Design –  There are 3 elements that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to site design, namely:
    • Usability – your site needs to be user-friendly and intuitive, with clean navigation having important content no-less than 3 clicks away as a rule of thumb.
    • Conversion Optimization – The layout and design of the site needs to be optimized to yield higher conversion rates, this can be done by testing up until you find the perfect layout. You can read more about conversions here.
    • SEO – Make sure you have search engine friendly site.
  4. Use the appropriate marketing channels – Know your business objectives before you decide on which online marketing channels to include in your strategy, for example, social media doesn’t work for everyone.  There are many channels to choose from, for example:
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Paid Search – Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)
    • Social Media Marketing
  5. Understand Your Analytics –  You need to fully understand your analytics data before you know what to do with it.By understanding your analytics you can pin-point areas you are lacking as well as new opportunities, for example, new keywords to target, or which pages have the highest Bounce Rates. This allows you to fine-tune your strategy for improved results.

Keeping these in mind will allow you  to make the most out of your digital marketing strategy.


Google Wave Invite Giveaway – Tell me why you are Socialicious!!!

November 26, 2009
Disruptive Wave
Image by curiouslee via Flickr

Desperately searching for a Google Wave invite?? Well, look no more because I have invites to give away to 8 lucky readers, all you have to do is do a blog post on your site telling me why you are Socialicious!!

Here are the criteria:

  • You must have a valid blog, i.e. older than 1 year
  • You must link back to using the text : Digital Marketing
  • Blog post must be at least 250 words in length, and is permanent.
  • Blog post must motivate why you are socialicious enough to get an invite!
  • Leave a comment after you complete with the URL of your post so that I can check it out!!!

Okay, start writing guys… :)


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